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REX Number

“The REX-system (Registered Exporter) was implemented in January 2017.

Because of the implementation of this new electronic system, the Form-A certificate and possible Certificate of Origin will no longer be required. Instead of these certificates the exporter will be required to registered with the appropriate authority in the concerned country.

The status of “registered exporter” will be given and the exporter will be able to issue their own statement regarding the origin of the commodity (normally found on the commercial invoice). He will get a REX-number and this number will have to be mentioned on the statement.

The statement will replace the function of the Form-A. The REX-system will be implemented gradually and so the Form-A will disappear in due time.”


GSP beneficiary countries Application of the REX system
India 01/01/2017
Myanmar 01/01/2018
Sri Lanka
Bangladesh 01/01/2019

For the timeline of other GSP beneficiary countries and for more information on the REX system, visit the website of the European Commission:

After you received your REX number from your local customs authority, please ensure that you always add a specific sentence to the Statement on Origin document (usually the Commercial Invoice, which you might create in the TDS e-Doc system). The sentence goes like the one below. Note that this is subject to change! No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!

“The exporter [Your REX number] of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of [Country of origin of products] preferential origin according to rules of origin of the Generalised System of Preferences of the European Union and that the origin criterion met is [Products wholly obtained: enter the letter ‘P’].”

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